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  • Super BR Jam performs online event to support Solar

    Between November 22nd and December 2nd, 6000 people who love games helped Solar Meninos de Luz. How come? A partnership between digital games store Nuuvem and Critical Studio game developers allowed all the sold games, developed during those days, profit to be donated to Solar!

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  • Afro Hairdo Contest at the Black Consciousness Week

    On November 29th, students from Nursery to 5th grade attended the 5th edition of the Afro Hairdo Contest in Meninos de Luz Theatre, a tribute to Black Consciousness Week and Zumbi dos Palmares day.

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  • Critical Studio and Nuuvem hold an event to benefit Solar Meninos de Luz

    Last Friday, November 22nd, Super BR Jam 2013, event where dozens of national and international game companies gather to support charity, was initiated. This year, the institution chosen was Solar Meninos de Luz.

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  • Celebration of Tiça Magalhães’s life

    I want to celebrate the life of Tiça Magalhães! There are people who are well known because of their profession, family, friends, words, travels, works, and knowledge.

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