Children Education

Children Education

From Nursery I to Preschool II, we follow directives of teaching and learning process based on the same holistic model, constructivist, which unifies all segments of Solar Integral School.

Integrate in this context: “Philosophical Principles of Integral Education Program” of Solar Integral School; the four education pillars: “learning to know, learning to be, learning to live together, learning to do” according to the UNESCO report, by International Education Commission for the Twenty-first Century; LDB guidelines – Guidelines Law and Bases of National Education.

As for literacy, at that stage, are adopted procedures revealed by psycholinguist Emilia Ferraro research, based on psychological and epistemological theory of Jean Piaget: the child as construction of their interpretative systems. Learning is caused by the child’s mind to relate to the object in perspective and not by impositions of school ready processes.

Literacy methodology is based on the proposal of Heloisa Vilas Boas: interaction and context, bringing the same constructivist theory, it also considers the student as a starting point and value their sociocultural context, adopting generative themes of learning concentrated in him.

(See “Education Philosophical Principles” in Integral Education Program)






Children’s education: Segments

OBS.: After 6 years, the child goes to Elementary School, 1st year (Literacy) to 5th grade.


Pedagogical Practices

1) Nursery I to Nursery III (3 months to 2 years)


2)From Maternal I to Preschool II (2 to 4 years)


Literacy – Preschool II and II


Interaction of Child Education and Elementary School I


Gratitude to those who promote Children’s Education

“Educators friends! Your love and knowledge radiance creates the protective ambience to develop knowledge and joy in Meninos de Luz. You prepare, this way, our beloved children, from 3 months old to 5 years, so at critical times of the sensorimotor stage and pre-operational, for the construction of cognitive and affective firm foundations necessary for the development of the remaining stages of childhood and adolescence – witch will also be experienced at Solar. They will be now and in the future, human beings of good and of peace.

We will all be eternally grateful to you.”

Solar Meninos de Luz
President and Directors


Child Education Professionals

Coordinator: Tatiana Neves.
Coordination Assistant: Cláudia Florêncio.
Nursery I: Lusia Marcia and Berçarista Meryene Couto.
Nursery II: Thalita Mendonça and Valkíria Benvindo.
Berçário III: Juliana Santana and Tairine Rodrigues.
Maternal I: Education Assistant Bruna Teixeira and Education Assistant Débora dos Santos.
Maternal II: Teacher Flávia Gonçalves and Education Assistant Maria Elizabete Alves.
Preschool I: Teacher Kátia Ribeiro and Education Assistants Thainá e Jaqueline.
Preschool II: Teacher Josemeire Hilário and Education Assistants Janecy and Jaqueline.