Elementary School II

Elementary School II

Just as in Elementary School I, the process of teaching and learning in Elementary School II meets “Solar Meninos de Luz Education Philosophical Principles”, the LDB – National Education Guidelines and Bases Law and the UNESCO Report, by International Education Commission for the Twenty-first Century: the four pillars of education: “learning to know, learning to be, learning to live together, learning to do.” Promotes the construction of thought and appropriation of knowledge within the different areas of school knowledge, collaborating in the formation of personality, in the development of critical awareness, and promoting opportunity for reflection and interest in social, political and economic life of the country and other nations.

 (See “Education Philosophical Principles” in Integral Education Program)






Pedagogical Practices


Gratitude for those who promote Elementary School II education

“Masters friends, thank you! We are moved by your dedication,love and academic competence in the construction of knowledge and ethical-moral values ​​along our beloved students in the most difficult of its development phase, the pre-teen and early adolescence, when they still live the important stage of concret operations and start formal operations, basing future achievements. You are responsible for these precious lives transformation, to achieve personal and professional success, thus modifying, in turn, the world we live in.”

Solar Meninos de Luz
President and Directors


Elementary School II Professionals

Pedagogical Director: Ivonete da Silva Mendes.
Coordination Assistant: Cintia Santana da Silva.
Portuguese and Writing teacher: Rosa Sardinha do Nascimento.
Portuguese, Literature and Writing teacher: Cybelle Borges de Abreu and Helena Faria.
Mathematics teachers: Thais Cerqueira da Silva and Fabricio Cardoso Ferreira.
Science teachers: Deborah Rocha Afonso Silva and Rodrigo Abreu de Oliveira Santos.
Geography teacher: Paula Coelho Araujo and Raphael Chiote.
History teachers: Marcella Albaine Farias da Costa and Blanche Marie Evin Costa.
Spanish teacher: Rose Sardinha do Nascimento.
English teacher: Lourival Costa Coelho Adam.
Art Teacher: Schaiane Alves.
Computer teacher: Aline Almeida Santos.
Physical Education teacher: Leone Barbosa Lucena.
6th year: Education Assistant Liliane Ferreira Ribeiro.
7th year: Education Assistant Larissa.
9th year: Education Assistant Alessandra Rodrigues Bittencourt de Oliveira.
Inspectors: Manoel Francisco Gomes and Francisco Severino Gomes.