Fabiana Valor Dance and Multimedia Room

Fabiana Valor Dance and Multimedia Room

Dance, which is spontaneous creation of men before the oral and written language, for celebrations, idolatry and expression, being the oldest people communication code, could not miss at Solar Meninos de Luz kind of holistic education.

Beauty, internal and external harmony and emotional expressions accompany dance without words need and are precious enriching experience tools, through movements, gestures, rhythm, silence and music.

As music, dance, informally, was also present in at Solar Meninos de Luz, from the early years of child victims of 12/23/1983 tragedy attendance in the Community and the hundreds who were joining the group.

Until today, August 2016, dance has developed and got better in various forms.



  1. Concretize, in a pleasant way, through dance, feelings expression, tenderness, affection and ideas, thus combining mind and body.
  2. Enable new forms of body language (jump, roll, rotate, stretch …) and communication, favoring coordination, creativity, thought and knowledge construction process, memorization and discipline.
  3. Provide cultural diversity experiences to students – beliefs, values, expression forms, behavior, rituals, etc. – of various ancestors and contemporary people.
  4. Develop self-esteem and social inclusion feelings through approval and applause in Dance public performances at Meninos de Luz Theatre and at Rio cultural environments.
  5. Facilitate professional perspectives for students who wish to follow a professional way, as dancers, choreographers, athletes and others.



  1. Creation of joint shows to be presented at Meninos de Luz Theatre and other places, through dance interactivity with other visual arts workshops and sports – Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Crafts, Sports, Capoeira, video, photography and other several teaching projects.
  2. Organize presentations of all types of dance by groups, academies and cultural centers, at Meninos de Luz theater, to encourage the continuity and improvement of workshops students.
  3. Providing to students and professionals free invitations to Theatres, Cultural Rooms, classic ballets presentations, other dance arrangements and musical presentations.


Practical actions: workshops

Workshops develop modalities and content according to students age and maturity.

Occur twice a week, in 1 hour lessons.

There are general content, such as: Movement Principles (balance, support, breathing, dynamic postural); Movement Elements (what, how, where and with what we move); Dance Processes (improvisation, choreographic composition).

There are repertoires of 4 workshops taught by Valorarte Studio teachers, for students from 6 to 16 years CLASSIC BALLET, TAP, JAZZ, HIP HOP.

Workshop taught by volunteer dancer and choreographer Fernando Barbosa: BALLROOM DANCE – 2 groups of 12 to 14 years.


Dance brief history

From 1984 to 1998

In early 1984, children victimized by 12/23/1983 tragedy, were attended on a large flat rock in front of the Residents Association of Pavão-Pavãozinho. Other dozens of children joining them.

Work was realized through storytelling using gestures, rhythms with palms, hands, feet and body, forming a small musical choreography.

With Integral Education Program introduction since 08.18.1991 (as yet Prevention Project), teachers of Children’s Education and Elementary I were the promoters of integrated projects, that included all forms of art-culture, especially dramatic skits with dance and music, as Theatre Education,  in which Solar president was an expert. Pedagogical director Isabella Maltaroli was an actress.

These actions occurred, this way, years before PCN – National Curriculum Parameters, when dance was placed in the compulsory school subjects, in 1997.

From 1999 to 2001 – Encouraging dance and music through Theatre Education

With theater classes start, with teachers, actresses and directors Miwa Yanagizawa and Fatima Domingues, between 1999 and 2001, being the lessons guided by Solar direction Theatre Educational modality, in 2001 was held Meninos de Luz Musical, in Benjamin Constant Theatre, which gave great emphasis on music and dance. The musical told Solar story since 1984 and celebrated 10 years of Integral Education Program.

From 2001 to 2005: Irídeo Mendes

This way, there was great incentive for students to dance and the great dream was to offer dance arrangements with trained professionals. This ideal began to become reality at 2001 with Irídeo Mendes, that has several works in Brazil and abroad, exceptional dancer and choreographer, who gave beautiful jazz classes. She stayed until early 2005, when she was called for other professional opportunities. Having previously been employed for two years, she was a volunteer in other years because the institution could no longer afford.

2006 to present: Studio Valorarte

Important event in 2006: partnership with Valorarte Studio, Valor, Fabiana, the remarkable dancer, renowned choreographer and actress. In 2016, we are honored to have her  with us for 10 years!

Initially, classes were only about Classical Ballet and Tap Dance; then there was Jazz and Hip Hop inclusion.

Lessons are given through Valorarte partnership  with Solar Meninos de Luz.

2015 to present: Fernando Barbosa

In 2015, our employee of Institutional Development Sector, Barbosa, Fernando, outstanding professional dancer, that organized Contemporary Dance Workshop, which performs as a volunteer.


Why Fabiana Value name in Dance and Multimedia Room

Remarkable dancer, choreographer, ballet teacher and artistic director of Valorarte Studio, with formation held in the most important dance academies in Brazil and abroad, is also an actress and theater director, having previously partnered with the unforgettable Oliveira, Domingos and Jablonski, Bernardo and in several assemblies of great theatrical and musical success.

At Solar, she directs Classical Ballet and Tap Dance groups since 2006, being added from 2010 on Jazz and Hip Hop workshops.


Gratitude tribute

Gratitude tribute to  teachers

“Thank you, Irídeo Mendes, for having started, with so many excellent results, jazz classes that delighted students and Solar, from 2001 to 2005. Thanks Fernando Barbosa, for Contemporary Dance classes, which was a successful between students and parents!

Thank you Valorarte teachers, Brito, Aline; Garcia, Suen;  Possidônio, Dany and Serricella, Isabella. We are very grateful for your Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop classes that delight all at Solar!”

Solar Meninos de Luz
President and Directors


Gratitude tribute to Fabiana Value

“Fabiana, you act voluntarily and, with other partner, pays the teachers. Competently and caring organizes gorgeous presentations, still seeking donations of shoes and clothes for students.

You always excites us, and it has been 10 years!

Students development has been immense and crucial for that integral education at Solar be done with so much joy – of students and parents.

Thank you, Fabiana Valor, for honoring us with your name on Solar Dance Room!”

Solar Meninos de Luz
President and Directors