Meninos de Luz Theater

Meninos de Luz Theater

Meninos de Luz Theatre is the stage of Solar Meninos de Luz.

Here you can feel complexity and integration of activities and socio-educational and cultural objectives for students, families and community. Here it’s possible to prove liberating education, life transformation, social inclusion, peace achievement. The joy of all achievements.

Democratic space, delighted, because it is aggregator of all psychic, emotional and intellectual potentialities of whom is there, is given to cultural and social scene rehearsals and performances: theater, circus, musicals, dance, and all arts; seminars, lectures, performances, film and videos discussions, graduations, large group meetings – not only derived from the political-pedagogical project of Solar Integral School, but community or government institutions, including UPP, and attracting increasing variety of groups with foreign orchestras, ensembles or interactive projects, of voluntary nature.

It is considered by the artists that here present themselves as the biggest and best existing theater in communities and better than many Brazilian Theatres.

This theater is dedicated to noble communities of Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho and that makes us so happy.





  1. In short term – Bring back to the Theater monthly plays and musical presentations;
  2. In medium term – Organization of Solar Meninos de Luz movie theater, with fee entrance, with dual purpose of entertainment and help institution sustainability;
  3. In long term – Construction of an elevator in the Theater for elderly, sick, disabled, with entrance on Saint Roman Street.


There is already entry and spot in the top of the theater for people with disabilities; the entrance is by Community.


Brief history

Meninos de Luz Theatre is one of the units of Meninos de Luz Cultural Center.

It is behind cottage house of Solar Integral School – Elementary II, at Saint Roman Street, 136, on top of an inclined plane, so viewed from the street, with its strong and simple construction in brick.

It was built with financing repayable of Sports end Cultural Center Project of SML, released by BNDES in 2003, with works completed in 2006 at a cost of R$500.000 and is part of the group of operating units belonging to Meninos de Luz Cultural Center (library, Music Center, Arts and Craft Center, Arts Gallery and Dance and Multimedia Center).

It has 400m2 of built area, audience for 400 seats grandstand shaped (taking advantage of the slope), all carpeted. Italian stage measuring 12mx8m with run wooden floor, escalates curtains and side aisles, passage background. Male and female dressing rooms with bathrooms located below the stage and place for costumes and materials storage. Public toilets with easy access to the Theater. Own space for wheelchair users with adapted bathroom, which is the Theater background, with access by Community. Light technique and sound cabin in the back and top of the audience and sound equipment on stage, which also has a large screen for audio-visual displays. Stage, sound and light funded by the Vitae Foundation, transformer placed by Light (through swap space for their service to community and ICMS notice). Perfect lighting placement conducted voluntarily by David Bosboom, Broadway sound and light technician, on a visit to Rio de Janeiro.

Note: More information about the theater can be obtained in the unit: “Meninos de Luz Sports and Cultural Center: Operating units” in “Small buildings historic, costs and operating units construction”.


Some Theatre performances

Rio Cello Circuit; Monobloco Shows; Favela em Dança Festival; Cantareiros Musical Group; Rio H2K Festival; ‘Disse que’ Theatrical Company (composed of volunteers from the Pacifying Police Unit of Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo); Harmonica player Adriano Adiala; Musa Theatrical Company; Brasil de Tuhu –Musical Education; Panorama Festival; Voltagem Group Theatrical Company; Nocabe Group; Teatro de Roda Group; Change Makers: Startup Weekend Rio Favela; Híbrida Company; Emoto pela Paz Project; Scottish bagpipes Concert; University Theatre Festival; Dá no Coro Música e Cena; Pacific Boychoir Musical Concert; Poetry Soiree; Open Dance Rehearsal; Surfing on Victory Waves Seminar; Guanabara Quartet; Chorinho wheel with Portable Music School;

Macaco Prego! Circus O Palhaço Rebola e a banda Saculejinho Carioca; BBOY Confront – Break Dance Championship; Claire Jones Harpist; EmBandoCanto; George Washington University Singers and Troubadours; Câmara Hannover Orchestra; Corais – Young People’s Chorus of New York; Toronto Children’s Chorus e Youth Singers of Calgary; Stitching Stories Group; Handcrafted Theatre Company; Colburn Children’s Choir; Coral Mountain View;  Brazilian Center Theatre for Children and Youth; among others.