Repórter do Solar online newspaper

On air since May 2nd, 2016, Repórter do Solar is the new digital newspaper of Solar Meninos de Luz.

With content made exclusively by the children and with the participation of our teaching assistants and teachers, the project is published bimonthly and material is prepared in weekly journalism workshops.

The project idea came from writing teachers Cybelle de Abreu and Helena Faria, aiming to provide to students an opportunity to use knowledge acquired in class and at the same time provide to community a free and interesting content.

Twelve students participate and are responsible for 3 newspaper editorial: Articles, Columns and Making Art. These editorials cover cartoons, poems, comic strips and others contents as solidarity work, science, interview, education and Solar numbers.

Workshops began on the first Friday of March, they happen every week and lasts an hour. The project will last until the end of school year 2016 in order to follow in the coming years.

Check out our newspaper: bit.ly/solar_jornal