Solar Sport Center

Solar Sports Center

For all children, but especially those who live in social risk, sport is a relevant source of vitality and transformation. Teaches socialization, teamwork, attention  stimuli, quick thinking and, mainly, teaches to win and lose naturally.

Opened in 2007, Solar Sports Center is a three floors building, built with BNDES funds.


Physical structure





  1. In courts: indoor and outdoor
  1. Dancing and Multimedia Ballroom




Partnerships and sponsored activities


Brief history

Common and sports games with the purpose of recreation have always existed and continue to happen at Solar. Because of Integral Education Program, we added collective games in various sports: volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, etc.

Opened in 2007, Solar Sports Center building has three floors and was built with BNDES funds in the funds of two houses of Solar, at Saint Roman Street, 146, which houses the Cultural Centre and No. 142, where Basic School is.

In 2010, Dancing and Multimedia Ballroom was benefited when Meninos de Luz Cultural Center was formally accredited as a Culture Point. Two teachers were paid by Culture Point.

In 2015, multisport discovery court was reformed by Dutch institutions Oracle, Wilde Gamzen and More2Win. In 2016, indoor court received repairs with financial support of the company Studio Rio.