Sports and Cultural Center

Solar Meninos de Luz Sports and Cultural Center: Operating Units

With the title Solar Meninos de Luz Sports and Cultural Center Project, in 2003 it began the construction of Sports and Cultural Center, with renovation and construction, between 2003 and 2006.

It was achieved by the Project approval, by BNDES,financing with non-reimbursable funds, released in 2003. It was designed and written by Iolanda Maltaroli. Later, Guilherme Maltaroli reformulated and directed Theater construction of the slope at the back of the house 136, thus changing the original simple auditorium Project with 50 seats, which would be held at house 146, Cultural Center, for a large theater with 400 seats. The idea was approved by BNDES board of directors, which increased funding.


CULTURAL CENTER: Operating Units


At Saint Roman Street, house 146:

  1. Paulo Coelho Community Library
  2. Christina Oiticica Arts and Crafts Center (Hall and small room)
  3. Maria José Chevitarese Musical Center (Hall and small room)
  4. Solar Art Gallery


At Saint Roman Street, house 136 (Solar Integral School – Elementary II; in the back, inclined plane):

  1. Meninos de Luz Theater




Built in the back of Saint Roman houses 146 (Cultural Center) and 142 (Solar Integral School – Elementary I)

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