Family/School Program

Total of direct beneficiaries: 300 families (900 people)

Family/School Program 


Total of direct beneficiaries: 300 families (900 people)

This program refers to the families of Solar Integral School students. Represents the respect and care for these families and the purpose of family – school interaction, for greater educational attainment of children and better welfare conditions of families.


General Purpose


Facilitate childrens education, Solar students, by family – school cooperation and conditions of family life improvement. 

Specific Objectives

a) Provide to families the opportunities for vital transformations, by:Increasing family income by giving the mother the possibility to work outside home, leaving her children at School for 10 hours daily.

b) Provide between the parents an ethical principles discussion by habits implementation and peacemakers customs, transmitted by their children, our students, and by courses, lectures, meetings, campaigns and other events, beeing Solar activities will irradiate.



Parents School – What is it?

Held once a month on Saturdays at Solar Theatre, it is a living, helping and educating space where school direction, psychologists and invited Education and Health professionals talk to parents about children education issues. This discussion is held through various dynamic groups and videos and movies display.

Attendance is significant; parents manifest themselves with great enthusiasm and conclusions are made with their interaction, generating acceptance and learning. Solar Parents School is a success and it has reduced children/parents tensions and allowed better family-school relationship.

Some already discussed topics: “Adults exemplify, children reproduce”, “Invisible Children”, “Invisible Parents”, “Future Vision”, “I press toward the target!”, “Character Formation”, among others.

At each meeting, parents individually receive a short form where they sign their presence, evaluate the lecture and suggest new topics for discussion.


Parental Assessment

Solar believes in sharing their students education responsibilities with families and refutes welfarism.

This is a tool created in 2003 in meetings with families who have worked with a cooperatively direction to organize the ” Conduct Manual for Solar Students”. Parents decided that families should also be evaluated, for responsibility division. Responsibles participation in daily lives of their children has considerably improved since we adopted this system.

Score is bimonthly, conducted by Pedagogical Executive Coordinator who meets with principals and teachers of all segments of School when all students will be analyzed and difficult cases will be studied. If necessary, parents are called to interviews with the Pedagogical Executive Coordinator and/or Solar President, specialized in Educational Guidance and Psychological counseling. This cases will be monitored throughout the year, with a counseling and guidance work. Students may be directed to psychology sessions, speech therapy, therapies Bach flower, etc. If necessary, parents will also be called to the treatment.

At the end of the year, maximum total score is 100 points and minimum is 75, so that children get the right to have their registration renewed to the following year, what is recognized as parents responsibility. In case of shutdown, student will have second chance to come back, after 1 year or at any time, if there is a vacancy and student show good grades in attended school.


Assessment items (bimonthly)

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