Integral Education Program


Integral Education Program

Total direct beneficiaries: 400 (annually)

Solar Meninos de Luz children and teens live new educational dimension, different from Community reality and even many Brazilian schools. They are protected and required, but with assured freedom for soul and life personal reconstructions. They participate of a holistic and humane education, which top goal is to learn to love and to serve the family, the community and the world they live: becoming a person, become a good man.


Educate to Set Free: Objectives


Philosophical Education Principles


Goals from 2016 on





All Integral Education actions specified below are linked to CIS teaching-learning process, with teaching staff direction, and interaction between all segments.


  1. Formal Education:

From Nursery to High School, we seek to progressively homogenize educational and interactive processes among all segments:


  1. Complementary Education

They are performed by CEC – Complementary Education Center – in all Solar units with CIS direction.

*NOTE 1: Music School Project was approved by Rouanet Law. Now, awaiting sponsorship.

* NOTE 2: Courses and Administrative Techniques taught by SESI before and stopped in 2015 will came back in 2016 with Roberto Marinho Foundation. ACD course directed by dentist and Dentistry professor Ricardo Aguilar, of Vittalis Clinic, in question to return between 2016 and 2017.


  1. Presentations and interactivity

Activities seek constant interactivity through social exchanges and skills and emotional bonds construction.



It is students counterpart to society, offering them amazing evolutionary chances with volunteer work. It was established in 2004 as we observed that despite all awareness, they did not believed that through own growth, they could influence people and situations improvement, which is the scope of Integral Education Program. At the time, because of parents request, SML created Solidarity Families subprogram, with parents accompanying children on visits, participating in food and clothing campaigns. They also asked to bring their other children who were not enrolled in Solar for them “to learn what life is.”




From 2016 on

After years of notable campaigns, but sporadic, children and youth volunteering has become evaluative scoring item in Integral Education Program. Students are committed to donate 30 hours per year for Solidarity Boys Program. Educational team guides these activities achievement and internalization of values.





Solar Meninos de Luz naturally attracts groups and foreign institutions interested in exercising solidarity in specific projects at Solar dependencies, such as musical performances, sports games with our students, small works like painting our homes, improvements in sports courts, etc; gift giving on Christmas Day, Children’s Da , among other noble achievements.

It has allowed to our children and young people the breaking of isolation cords and social fences that prevent free connection between normal neighborhood, Community and people of other states and countrys. But Solar student still had to break the last exclusion barrier: himself traveling to interact with these fraternal peoples, living in their homes, knowing their habits and cultures, whether in California, South Africa, Malta, Poland , no matter where.

Attend, for example, 3rd year of high school at Springfield High School in Ohio, or participate in integration projects with teens from all over the world, gathered in Poland, together singing and dancing songs of their countries.

This is not missing anymore. Since 2011, our students have the opportunity to make international exchange and, above all, make friends, with who they start to correspond in social networks.




Promoting exchange among other actions institutions:

SML thanks the valuable institutions below for realized projects.


From 2011 to 2014: Edu Pro Raizes
From 2014 to 2016: Mais Caminhos (Brave Kids and Brace Program)


Student selection form

They are chosen annually, from 1 to 6 students, among those who are disciplined, have shown better academic performance, those who stand out in English conversation workshops. The ones who go to Poland must have taste for  arts, theater, music, because they rehearse numbers to be shown for all exchange students from all over the world as an exchange of cultures.

Program recruits young students from communities with strong English knowledge, infectious personality, good sense of humor, enthusiasm, sense of adventure, experience in working with children and involvement in social projects.


Number of forwarded students

We have 6 students selected to travel in 2016.



Students in universities and with jobs!

All graduates work and/or study. Almost all students in high school from 2006 (1st class) studied at universities or are studying. Some choose to work for a period before entering at university. Others get in college immediately. Many are employed in large companies.


Some success stories


Cultural Exchange Project selected students


 Selected students in 2016

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