About Solar

Solar Meninos de Luz completed 34 years of families and community assistance at 12/3/2017 and will complete on 8/18/2018, 27 years of Integral Education Programme for children and youth.

Former students, now already with good jobs, and Solar students become peacemakers and models of self-esteem and autonomy, influencing community growth.

Solar has proved that previously excluded brazilians, if part of good education programs, culture, sport, health and development of ethical and moral Christians values, in an extreme love climate, will achieve the best social opportunities – and may transform theirselves, one day, as well as those wonderful “Meninos de Luz”!

  • Mission

    Transform children and adolescents in vulnerable social situation of Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho communities lives, through preventive actions providing them education and universal humanitarian values full-time, promoting a good man. Involve their families in this movement and, by extension, community, in search of living in harmony and peace.

  • Vision

    Effective contribution in peace and welfare achievement in Cantagalo and Pavão- Pavãozinho communities, by raising self-esteem and personal satisfaction of its residents, by observable achievements in intellectual fields, ethical, moral and economic, of students and former students of Solar Meninos de Luz, who become agents of positive change.

  • Goals

    Promote, at Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho communities, continuing, preventive, holistic and full-time education, especially for children from socially unstable families.

    Provide, to families and to all community, opportunities to experience educational and cultural activities developers of pacifism and better quality of life.

    Perform fraternal assistance to families in social misery and disease state, with referral to hospitals, psychological treatments, Narcotics Anonymous, Anonymous Alcoholics, return to school, professional courses, donations and homes reorganizations.

  • Values

    • Love for God, to others and to yourself.
    • Belief in man and society improvement; work and study for everyone.
    • Perseverance, patience, courage and faith.
    • Preservation of life and health; no violence; pacifism.
    • Legality and transparency.

Solar Differentials

  • Integral care to beneficiaries students.

  • Formal and complementary education assured from birth to adulthood and referral to universities and jobs.

  • Holistic and preventive education directed to formation of a good man.

  • Development of multidisciplinary and multi-purpose full time activities.

  • Assisted selection geared primarily to more penalized by exclusion and social risk children.

  • Monitoring and integrative, educational and cultural actions with students families, bringing them closer to SML.

  • Concrete participation in community development by values irradiation, workshops and cultural spaces offer, interactivity between institutions.

  • Social and educational assistance to some of the most vulnerable families in the community.

Organization Chart

Advisory Board