Educate to Set free

Solar Meninos de Luz is a civil and philanthropic organization that promotes integral education, culture, sports, professional training support, basic health care and social assistance to families with a higher level of disintegration of Cantagalo e Pavão-Pavãozinho communities. Founded by Lar Paulo de Tarso – Spiritualist Institution for Studies and Social Work – Solar work has 34 years of existence and celebrate, in 2018, 27 years of Integral Education Program.

  • 34

    years of community assistence

  • 26

    years of Integral Education

  • 400

    vacancies, from kindergarten to high school

Integral Education Program

Student remains at Solar Integral School full-time, from 3 months to 18 years (Nursery to High School) to be sent to college and good jobs.

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Family/School Program

Facilitates children education, Solar students, by family/school cooperation and family life conditions improvement.

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Family/Community Program

It provides development opportunities in professional training, education and culture to population.

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Be a Volunteer!

Charity, love and brotherhood Plant, selfless action is good both for those who help as to who is helped. Join this social change and collaborate for a better world!

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We need you

Heart Godfather radiates energy, emanates love and good vibes and contaminates all Solar actions. Invest in smiles!

Choose a donation value

U$ 15

1 month of food for a child

U$ 30

1 month of food and language classes for a child

U$ 60

1 month of food and language and math classes for a child


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