Christina Oiticica Arts and Crafts Center

Christina Oiticica Arts and Crafts Center

Since child age to youth, Solar promotes participation in Plastic & Crafts Arts, encouraging the student to express himself with any creation material: drawings, paintings, recycling with disposable material, use of paint, plaster, clay, wood, metal, paper, biscuit, EVA, felt, fuxico, patchwork, MDF, etc. Seeks to show that the product can be sold and this activity become a profession or parallel income source, but rather helps the student to build forms and images which solidify in his personality aesthetic design, poetic vision, which help knowledge construction, feeling and being, necessary for their progress in any science and arts.

Classes are conducted by School teachers (compulsory classes) or by volunteers, and artistic productions are used or generated, usually in different educational or cultural projects.

We work the following activities focuses beyond painting and crafts: collages, prints, sculptures, performance (art combining poetry, theater, music, video, drawing, etc., always with generator theme), exhibitions, videos, graphics. Because of it, Solar students have facility in drawing, painting , frameworks, games, cards, etc., are asked by partners at events such as the Belmond Copacabana Palace  with drawings of the hotel, to be given to clients and in designing shirts for our fundraising events.




Some types of activities:

  1. Workshops reinterpretation of today great painters works, renaissance, expressionist, etc., taught by artists and art teachers with exhibitions in the library and other spaces of Solar.

Ex: Study of paintings and techniques used by Christina Oiticica and exposed in the book “As quatro estações”, burying the screens for 9 months to 1 year in forests, waiting for the intervention of the earth, rain, insects, etc., in the frames. Children were enchanted, made ​​paintings buried for 1 month in the gardens and Solar land, then exposed in Christina Oiticica room , who later saw the results.

  1. Workshop by professionals, of study and reinterpretation of the exhibited works at Solar Art Gallery, followed by students exposure.

After each Art Exhibition there held (40 to date), there is a workshop given by the artists on concepts, techniques, materials, etc., that were used by them and then work carried out by students of Elementary I and II, which are exposed at Solar Art Gallery with the same care of the first exhibition made professionals, for 3 weeks to 1 month, and visited by students and the public. (See Solar Art Gallery)

  1. After “Solar Literary” with authors storytelling, students are taken to the Arts Center for workshops with illustrators, when they paint, draw, write, make poetry, and promote dramatizations that are staged in Theater. (See “Solar Literary” in Paulo Coelho Community Library)
  1. Other Arts as construction, collage, photography, audiovisual, discussion videos, projects , etc. are made when ​​necessary by teachers and students in this environment.



  1. In short term: Offer of Plastic Arts and Crafts workshops for mothers of students and young people and adults of the community.
  2. In medium term: Return of Sewing workshops for mothers of students and other residents of the Community.
  3. In long term: Creation of a small shop for sale of manufactured goods made at Arts Center to help the institution sustainability.

Obs.: In all workshops will be encouraging for the students to turn this learning in the sale of products in local organized by them.


Brief history

With Cultural Center being implemented in 2004, with BNDES funds, it was possible Christina Oiticica Arts and Crafts Center creation.

In 2015, Cultural Center was renovated by Belmond Copacabana Palace and managers and, with partner sponsorship, the room was air conditioned and had improved lighting.

(See how this center was implemented in “Paulo Coelho Community Library” – “Brief history – 1997-2016”).


Why Christina Oiticica name at the Arts Center?

Christina Oiticica is a great Brazilian artist who uses Neoconcretist experimental technique from “planting” of screens, in forests, valleys and mountains, for 9 months to 1 year, in different locations on the planet, which makes impressive signs on the screens.

She has exhibited in 12 countries, in over 60 Art Galleries. Some exemples: Carrousel Du Louvre – Paris, France; 48º. Montrouge Contemporary Art Hall, France; Fine Arts National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Art Masters Festival – St. Moritz, Switzerland, among others.


Gratitude for Christina Oiticica

The name Christina Oiticica in Plastic Arts and Crafts Center is unmerited by us, of Solar, but we know of your affection for our work. She is part of Advisory Solar Council, meeting that she appears when she is in Rio de Janeiro. With writer Paulo Coelho, her spouse, they are the biggest Solar sponsors, with kind and understanding.

Thank you, Christina! God interferes in your life, as He interfered in your works, to harmonize them with the loftiest sidereal energies!