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We need your help to continue transforming 400 lives through love, education, culture and sports. Get in this power for good and be a Heart Godfather! With only U$15, you can help a child.

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U$ 15

1 month of food for a child

U$ 30

1 month of food and language classes for a child

U$ 60

1 month of food and language and math classes for a child

Reasons to donate

Heart Godfather

A Heart Godfather is the person who contributes financial and regularly to fund our education integral system to 400 children from 3 months to 18 years old enrolled at Solar Meninos de Luz, residents in Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho communities, at Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro.

Heart Godfather’s resources are precious, because allow us to pay expenses not covered by partnerships such as electricity, gas, water, rent, property taxes, food, painting, teaching and office supplies, electrical and hydraulic supplies, Counter, Lawyer, mail, site maintenance, administrative staff, teachers… This institution was built and is maintained by Heart Godfathers.

  • 1 month of food for a child
  • 1 month of food for a child
  • Portuguese lessons for a child
  • 1 month of food for a child
  • Portuguese lessons for a child
  • Math lessons for a child

Godfather club

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Common questions

Why should I trust and contribute to Solar maintenance?

Solar Meninos de Luz earned community's trust with 30 years of hard work, daily, tireless. We are a social non-profit organization, audited by KPMG Auditors. And because our work has shown results with students formed in high school since 2006.

How are raised funds by Heart Godfather Program invested?

1) To cover operating expenses ; 2) Investment in quality education ; 3) Establishment of a fund that makes possible guarantee Solar sustainability over time.

Who can be a Heart Godfather?

The program is designed to everybody, including young people who is already concerned about social issues. Anyone can participate.

Can Companies be Heart Godfathers?

Companies participation is through supply of goods and services for Heart Godfathers (individuals), through "Godfather Club". There are other companies participation possibilities; please contact: padrinho@meninosdeluz.org.br to know more about it.

Why was Godfather Club created?

Godfather Club was created to enable a partner company participation through social responsibility campaign of Solar Meninos de Luz, with goods and services supply to Heart Godparents, increasing the number of donors and the customer base of our partner company.

Can I only support only one child?

The sponsorship is for everyone, avoiding discomfort situations and frustration between the parties (Godparents, children, their caregivers and institution), by the discontinuity of Godfather's help or shutdown of the child. The individualization limits participation, opens room for favoritism and proximity security issues.

Can I make a single donation, without a monthly obligation?

Yes. Click in the "Single Donation" button to make the registration and follow step by step through the link https://www.meninosdeluz.org.br//doacao_padrinho.php.

Can I contribute by bank transfer?

Yes. Choose the single donation.

I contribute monthly, can increase or decrease donation amount?

Yes. Please contact us by the e-mail padrinho@meninosdeluz.org.br.

Is there a contract?

Contribution is voluntary. There isn't any rate, penalty, financial interest, correction or negative results for non-payment. We believe that Heart Godfather sealed a commitment in the act of his register and authorized a single or periodic debit in favor of Solar Meninos de Luz, by his own volition.

For how long do I have a commitment to Solar Meninos de Luz?

An year and extended automatically, if there is no opposition from the Godfather. Solar Meninos de Luz is a rolling program of Integral Education, and each generation of babys requires a long-term investment: 18 years.

Will the contribution amount undergo some adjustments over time?

The responsible for readjusts is the Godfather. Plelase contact: padrinho@meninosdeluz.org.br to readjust.

I live in other country, how can I participate?

By registering at the Paypal site https://www.paypal.com/br/webapps/mpp/home.

What if I can not continue with my contribution?

Donation is voluntary, report the unavailability by the e-mail padrinho@meninosdeluz.org.br. Donations will be immediately interrupted.

Can contributions be deducted from income tax?

Rio de Janeiro inspection does not allow deduction of donations in IR.

Can I visit the classes I patronized?

Yes, and we'd love your visit. We organize weekly a group with up to 12 people to do a tour by SOLAR, with Volunteer Coordinator monitoration, providing information and presenting the institution. Visits are on Tuesdays at 10 am. The ride lasts until 1pm. Contact: voluntarios@meninosdeluz.org.br to schedule the tour.

Can I send gifts to children?

You can and it's a great ideia, but beware: it will be for all children in a class. Please contact: padrinho@meninosdeluz.org.br.

Can I correspond with the kids?

With certainty encourage correspondence as a pedagogical process. As your collaboration is for all children, one of them will respond on behalf of one of the classes. You can send letters, holiday cards, messages for Children's Day and everything you imagine for Saint Roman Street, 149 - CEP. 22071-060 - Copacabana / RJ - Brazil . Solar Meninos de Luz - A/C Heart Godfather.

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