Little Wind Project

Little Wind Project

How about help to improve concentration and learning of our students?

Can you imagine a classroom with 20 babies, 5 Educators and many volunteers in constant activities in a heat of 50° C, high on a hill? Now multiply by 19 classrooms with students of all ages. We have place for 430 childrens and adolescents up to their 18 years and they spend 10 hours a day at school, dripping! Every day! It’s even difficult to think. Rio de Janeiro is very warm and is getting worse!

Little Wind Project aims to install and maintain air conditioners in all 35 rooms of Solar Meninos de Luz, starting from the nursery, which serves 90 children from 3 months to 4 years old, through all high school and ending at administration. We will refresh, in addition to classrooms, our Community Library, our Wellness Center, our Administration, Teacher’s Room and Coordination and Management Room.

Little Wind refreshes body and mind, improves concentration and learning ability, increases school performance and allows harmonious dedication from teachers to children.

Your participation will involve with love and little wind all environments of Solar, accompanying our child throughout his life, from 3 months to 18 years old , beyond 95 employees and 150 volunteers who dedicate themselves to keep active this current by good.


Project Viability

Little Wind Project completed one year of life in May and reached its first goal: ventilate nursery home. But we still have a long way to go and, so that all children have a better quality of learning, we need help.

Solar is maintained with charity events and partners and volunteers cooperation; people who believe in Integral Education. Therefore, to achieve our goal and make this project happen, we need you; we need your donation. People are Solar most important source of resources!


How you can help

Donating! Donations are monthly and you can help with only R$10,00. Why monthly? Because we need to cover personnel costs and equipments that will make this project possible, as we also need to bear this new accounts and the maintaining of equipament.

Donation is made through Benfeitoria portal and you only need to authorize payment once through your credit card. From there, the chosen amount will be charged monthly on your card.

Our children need your breath in order to receive a breeze! Access bit.ly/solar_ventinho, donate and be part of this project!