Solar Wellness Center

Solar Wellness Center

These services are provided for 32 years. With the name Medical Clinic, it exists since 1984 until today (2016). First, informally, in the bathroom of Pavão-Pavãozinho Residents Association. Always with nursing care, doctors and other health professionals, often volunteers. There were phases of excellent organization, which depended on Solar financial resources, always precarious. It belongs to the Family/Community Program, in Families Assistance sector, but promotes primary health care for Solar three Programs: Integral Education; Family/School; Family/Community.

To understand this center work is to better understand Solar Meninos de Luz.




Services concentration periods and their characteristics


Current information

We will begin by providing current news: Stage 5, after this we will re-initiate the history: Stage 1 to Stage 4.


Stage 5: 2015 to 2016 – Saint Roman Street, 149

After exceptional 3rd stage service flow (2002 to 2009) and slow recovery of 4th stage (2010 to 2014) – but without ever interrupting basic care, provided by interaction with partner institutions, the Medical Clinic (former name) arrives 2015/2016 with progress.


Current team




It was performed by Solange Ramos, hired, full-time. Reorganized the offices, the Solidarity Pharmacy, reception, campaigned for the purchase of materials for the dental office, performs its sterilization, type and direct consultations.

Later, Maria Alice de Mattos, a voluntary psychologist, was named coordinator with the main function of intermediating medical staff and attract new professionals, especially general doctors or pediatricians, gynecologists, general practitioners, dentists and DOA professional – Dentist Office Attendance.

In June 2016, Dr. Ricardo Aguilar will return to direct dental service. He will bring another orthodontist, will give consultations and bring new equipment.


Number of medical consultation fn all services at Solar Wellness Center



Interactive actions for Health and Prevention conducted with educational projects and partner institutions (summary).



Note: Do you want to know more about this serious service and its’ history, for the benefit of Community?

This center will also make you understand Solar Meninos de Luz better.

Then restart your research, from stage 1 (1984 to 1986) the stage 4 (2010 to 2014)




STAGE 1: 1984 to 1986 – Pavão-Pavãozinho Residents Association, and a flat stone in the front.



Volunteer medical professionals:


The Association gave us the space and service continued on Sundays, when the first families left. The need for medical care, nursing and material assistance were huge.

Yolanda founded Lar Paulo de Tarso – Spiritualist Institution for Studies and Social Welfare on 03/05/1985 at her mother residence, Brigida Lopes Accención Navarro Maltarolli, in Ipanema. The goal was to give financial, volunteering and spiritual support for this work, whose patron is Apostle Paul.

With events organized by Lar Paulo de Tarso (LPT) and its volunteers, Yolanda bought a “small place” with 2 floors with no roof and walls falling at Pavãozinho Avenue, 51; built in three years and a half a small building with 4 floors. Each floor built was used to care services. (See Stage 2)             


Medical care in STAGE 1

1 – General medical consultations and nursing: guidance, medication and referrals.
2 – First Aid – wounds, sprains and pains healing.
3 – Nursing services for damage caused by poor hygiene – tests and maintenance: skin, nails (that were cut), hair (head lice), bare feet.
4 – Referrals to cure tuberculosis cases and contamination.

5 – Home visits to elderly and injured who could not walk down the hill; or houses in total poverty situation and dirt (caves, holes, wooden shacks falling apart, with no roof: repairs, cleaning, hygiene guidance for the house, clothes, food, water, personal care).
6 – Donations of medicines, clothing, food, milk for babies and elderly, layettes for newborns – through campaigns at Lar Paulo de Tarso.
7 – Meeting at the Association room (before with families sitting on mattresses, then chairs). Conversation about their problems with Yolanda educational and psychological guidance. Joy, hugs, reception, comfort through prayer and moral values study ​​through the Gospel. Several volunteers helped.
8 – Assistance to children in the smooth stone, besides nursing care: recreation (music, nursery rhymes, dances, drawings). Christian morality through storytelling. Accomplished by Isabella Maltaroli and LPT volunteers.



STAGE 2: from 1987 to 2001 – Medical Clinic Creation – Pavãozinho Avenue building, 51: “Lar Paulo de Tarso – Community Space”


Biopsychic health actions and social welfare remain connected.

In 1987, there was the small building opening, the first operating unit belonging to the institution for community families assistance. After each built floor, we transferred assistance work and enlarged it, leaving the residents association. In a short time, the local was used every day. And on Saturdays, it begins to happen Gospel study in an organized way, for those who wish.

This construction was only possible thanks to an engineer (Dr.Lélio) voluntary work, that took care of all the work, and because the material was achieved by financial resources from lunches, dinners, bazaars, classical music concerts and donations from Lar Paulo de Tarso goers.

People came spontaneously, from Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho, which characterized the work as a democratic space. At that time, this two communities were separated, and population of one was forbidden to attend the other one. There have never been conflicts, no one was warned or molested.

Soon, assisted number was 250 children and adolescents and 80 mothers.
(See the History)


The small building:

It had four floors: 4 rooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 terrace (open area)
Small Medical Clinic and Solidarity Pharmacy.


First Goals


Medical Clinic creation – 1987

Medical Clinic and Solidarity Pharmacy were organized by Teresa Seabra, Yolanda and  Lar Paulo de Tarso volunteers.


The actions – 1987 to 2001


Assistance parallel actions



STAGE 3: 2002 to 2009 – Saint Roman Street, 43 – golden period.


Medical clinic transfer

It was transferred from Pavãozinho Avenue, 51 for this property, in 2002, but it had been donated in 1999.


Focus on children from 1991 on, at Solar

Prevention, transforming full-time education;  since 1991, the child becomes the focus. Their transformation make them family and community transformation agents. But actions with families continue even more developed.


Medical Clinic parallel units



General objective:



Physical structure:

Teresa Seabra, who had left for personal reasons in 2005, was invited back and was named supervisor. She helped to organize the rooms and medical equipment. Dr. Juliana, dentist, provided the same for the dental Office.


The team:


The actions:

(Almost all actions were held with Teresa Seabra participation)

  1. Questionnaire and registration of all families.
  2. Guidance for health card creation for each family member, constant card evaluation.
  3. Vaccination Update – especially for children.
  4. Consultations by all team members with appointment: priority for infectious diseases and school emergencies (sometimes with accompanying to hospital).
  5. Update and care of all students oral health.
  6. Visits to student residence to check situation focus – in recurrence cases, observed by doctors.
  7. Medicines donation by the pharmacy, through prescription from our doctors or other.
  8. Blood, stool and urine tests and preventive gynecologic exam with symbolic prices through Ferrari Laboratory partnership. The material was collected once a week at Solar and the result was brought for them.
  9. Campaigns: louse, worms, and “washing hands”.
  10. Lectures for teens with real images of diseases sexually transmitted (along with the gynecologist).
  11. Nurseries supervision with guidance on babies and materials (pacifiers, bottles, etc) hygiene, essential care to babies (every 3 months).
  12. Teeth brushing campaign by the dentist and his assistant, going to each class, and guidance for parents.
  13. Advice to teens about what is a gynecological appointment; visits in small groups to gynecologic office, explaining the importance of screening test and how is done.
  14. “Course for pregnant women” – organized by Teresa Seabra for Community mothers on 8 classes about prenatal, each stage in pregnancy, sex during pregnancy, childbirth, newborn hygiene and care, vaccination importance and pediatric care, housekeeping baby site, basic layette (usually given to those students).
  15. Office Dental Assistant Course, with certificate and legal recognition (creating jobs inside and outside Solar).
  16. Various cases attendance, including emergency: luxation, renal colic, school accidents; a suicide attempt in the community; gunshot wound of a student’s father; work to reduce parasites incidence; participation in parent meetings with guidance for general health; guidance on women’s police station; referral to hospitalization or specific examinations of patients by doctors at clinics and hospitals where they work.




STAGE 4: 2010 to 2014 – Saint Roman Street, 179 – slow restart.


    – Transfer of Medical Ambulatory from Saint Roman Street, 43 for this property, because of this house sale in 1999 for Solar financial difficulties.

    – Home visits continue with families assistance, now with the addition of ‘Casa da Manjeoura’ Project families, bought and renovated by the donor, for housing two families at a time, characterized as having progress possibilities, if they received full help, with responsibility to leave the house in 2 to 4 years with stable life and renting their homes. Home visits to Caranguejo region. All of them use Medical Clinic gradually.

    – Clinic structural reform for accommodation of offices in much smaller space, with the 9th Federal Criminal Court resources.

    – Almost stopped for lack of staff, volunteers and Solar resources.

    – Emergency care by Solar and Elementary School I directors, with emergency equipment and referrals.


Interactive actions – from 2012 to 2014

The work was conducted in conjunction with partnerships.

– Art Visão Optical – eyeglass donation.

– Ferrari Laboratory – clinical tests at low cost for children and families.

From July to December of 2012:

Health and Citizenship Fairs achievement, one per month;

Help of Lions Club Colepe (monthly) – various health tests: blood pressure, vision; fluorine; influenza, dengue, cancer prevention. Hundreds of people of community and of Solar were treated.

– Home visits continue with families assistance, by Majedoura Group. Guidance and referral to hospitals and health institutions, when necessary, accompanied by volunteers.

– “Lugar e laços” – partner institution – psychoanalysts volunteers team: students and families of Family/Community Program treatment.

– Dental treatment at Dr. Ricardo Aguilar Office.

– Greater development in health and prevention actions, interaction with other institutions.
– 01/05/14 – Scholarships for Oral Health Auxiliary – Registration for Solar and Community members.
– 02/05/14 – Oriental massage in babies therapist enables Children’s Education Educators before class return.
– 02/07/14 – Bach Flower Lecture with Solar educators with Rodrigo Mesquita, who already served students and families.
– From 03/19/14 to 03/18/14 – Vaccination against HPV for girls between 11 and 13 years – in partnership with Family Clinic.
– 03/28/14 to 03/31/14 – Ver e Viver Institute – examination and consultation; eyeglass frames donations, lenses and glasses for Solar Families.
– 05/05/14 – Preventive and educational action in oral health by volunteer dentists Veronica Pug and Renata Judice for Solar children and adolescents.
– 05/09/14 – Ver e Viver Institute – 2nd time: eye exams for employees and the entire community.
– 09/03/14 – Ver e Viver Institute – eye exams for Solar children and adolescents and orientation about vision care.
– 09/16/14 – 2nd HPV vaccination dose for girls from 11 to 13 years. Support and Outreach for Family Health Clinic. Dr. Werneck lecture, director, at Solar Parent Reunion.