Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Inclusion and availability of computers in teaching practice makes the teaching more dynamic, enabling – to students – new ways to search, organize thoughts, communicate, write texts, create drawings, perform calculations and simulate phenomena.

 Solar Computer Lab has 15 machines licensed for Windows, Office and Server, by Microsoft, in air-conditioned environment.






Expand activities for students of evening classes, EJA – Youth and Adult Education and Support Center to Casa da Manjedoura, that gives assistance to families.

Note: Due to lack of financial resources to hire qualified professionals who offer support to other groups, now Computer Laboratory is used only by students of Solar Integral School.


Brief history

Em 1997, o Solar Meninos de Luz ganha seu primeiro Laboratório de Informática. Alunos do In 1997, Solar Meninos de Luz wins his first Computer Lab. Students of Integral Education Program, who had entered school in 1991, were already at the beginning of elementary school, with Solar Meninos de Luz direction striving to provide them Computer classes. Through Comitê para Democratização pela Informática – CDI, Solar received five used computers to mount a small laboratory, enabling Educational Computing classes for Solar students.

CDI is a social organization dedicated to digital empowerment, which aims to train young autonomous, conscious and connected. At the time, held Computer fundraising campaigns entitled “Computer for All”.

However, they realized that it was useless only computers available to people because they did not know how to use, it was necessary to train and raise awareness about the use of technological tool. And then, it was born Solar and CDI partnership. CDI, in addition to machines donation, also trained and followed Educational Computing classes for classes from Pre I students to the 5th grande of Solar, as well as Microsoft Office classes for Solar teachers, young people and adult from Community.

Over the years, Solar opened classes for Elementary II (6th- 9th grade) and then high school (1st to 3rd year), also increasing the number of students using the laboratory. New computer donations were collected, either with CDI itself, or physical or legal entity, allowing Laboratory expansion. The partners were essential to improve service and quality of classes to students.

After a room renovation in 2009 with the partnership of 9ª Vara Federal and the new computer last line donation by PSafe, Computer Lab currently has today 15 machines licensed for Windows, Office and Server by Microsoft.