Maria Jose Chevitarese Music Center

Maria Jose Chevitarese Music Center

Music has always been part of Solar student’s education because develops sensitivity, creativity and interpretation ability, expression, communication and critical through appreciation and musical practice in its various forms: singing, body language, instruments, music theory and its links with Dance, Theatre and Arts. Facilitates learning and attention practice, punctuality, discipline, responsibility, persistence, and group interaction.

Music Center has two music rooms and a collection consisting of a large number of instruments and even a theater for presentations.

Maria José Chevitarese Music Center is formed by a set of activities to stimulate artistic and intellectual development of students, families, staff and community.





Note: Workshops in 2015 and 2016 are reduced by financial problems, awaiting sponsorship.




Meninos de Luz Music School aims to form musical groups, choirs and orchestra with cultural identity, brazilian music and its influences – for all students of Integral School and open to young people and adults of Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho Communities, as an transformation instrument and social integration.

Scheduled workshops at Meninos de Luz Music School:

  1. Musical initiation – rhythmic little band , turnstiles, sweet flute (Childhood Education and Elementary I).
  2. Choral Workshop – scenic music: body preparation, sight singing, rhythmic reading (Elementary II, High School, parents and residents).
  3. Popular Percussion Workshop – Brazilian music rhythms; language elements rhythmic (Elementary I, II and High School).
  4. Chorinho Workshop – Choro language: guitar, ukulele, flute, sax, tambourine. Integration with other workshops.
  5. Orchestral Workshop – ultimate goal, student orchestra training. In the beginning: violin, cello, clarinet, trombone trumpet, sax (Elementary II and High School).

At these workshops, will be added:

Harmonicas Workshop: Meninos de Luz Gaiteiros.




Brief history

Music is essential to integral education and, at Solar, it is always attuned to all forms of art, especially dance and theater. It was present from the first moments, when we welcome children victims of 12/28/1983 tragedy, cheering them with singing, dances, paintings, storytelling, drama, percussion little bands with handmade instruments – which has developed and diversified in these 32 years.

Music was also present in the first shelter construction. Place of activities to assistance families, the 4 floors building was founded in 1987 in Pavãozinho Avenue 51, when part of financial resources were money of many classical music concerts organized by OSB great pianist, Ilse Trinity, with orchestra musicians groups, held in the old auditorium of Cultura Inglesa course, Eva Klabin Foundation and Rio Design Center Shopping.

Outbreaks musical progress have occurred in parallel with the development of all arts at Solar Meninos de Luz.

We can mention  Maria José Chevitarese magnificent work from 2001 to early 2008, with Children and Youth Coral with 120 voices, Flutes Orchestra, Percussion Workshop; Keyboard Workshop; Music Theory Workshop. From 2007 to 2009, with Bernardo Bessler and Luiz Benedini, exceptional violins and cellos classes, preparatory for String Orchestra. From 2009 to 2015 with some stops, the joy of forming Monoblock percussionists. From 2011 to 2014, the exciting Music Portable School – EPM in chorinho classes, with guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, flutes transverse, making fans who play until today.

In recent years, hired teacher Angela Brito, was with a promising coral that ended when she changed of state; other corals beginners with great conductors Jonas Hamar and Victor Damiani, volunteers who started but could not finish; and in 2016, Mayra Couto, voluntary, governs a small Coral of 25 students of Childhood Education and Elementary I.

Very important presentations were made inside and outside Solar and there were great musical success moments.

Intermittence was due to sponsorship termination, musicians route changes, inability to continue voluntarily and Solar lack of financial resources.


Why the name Maria Jose Chevitarese at Music Center?

Solar Music Center pays tribute to unforgettable Maria José Chevitarese, PhD Director of School of Music and Director of Brazil Ensemble Coral, of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ. Great conductor Orchestral and Coral, directed Meninos de Luz Coral, with 120 children and young voices, the flutes orchestra, with four suits, the Percussion Workshop and Keyboard Workshop. When she had to leave for professional reasons, Coral would sing in Municipal Choir on the following year. Some Choir performances: Benjamin Constant Theatre, Leopoldo Miguez Room, UFRJ School of Music, Furnas Cultural Space, UFRJ Brazilian Music Conservatory, Caesar Park Hotel, shopping centers, etc.

With this work, Chevitarese defended PhD thesis at UFRJ – “Coral as socio-cultural transformation agent in Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho communities: Education for Freedom and autonomy.” The work was conducted in partnership with Cátedra UNESCO.



Unforgettable Zeze, world of music is enriched by your work and your life.

But modest Solar Meninos de Luz wanted to show his gratitude for your work that lasted 7 years only, but stayed in our history and hearts.

With its methodology based on Jofre Dumazedier (Lyom, France) and Paulo Freire, you taught music through discussions and reflections with students and, at the same time, built knowledge, affectivity, self-esteem, brotherhood and citizenship – all that Solar strives to improve.

The repertoire of Brazilian popular music, local and foreign folk music, works for choirs in several languages, was beautiful and you used the letters to students self-awareness and enjoyment. The chance to perform in the big musical rooms added them rich opportunity to be recognized by audiences that received effusively: palms were so many that have promoted their welfare and social inclusion for the pleasure of singing and receive approval. The same happened with flutes and percussion orchestra.

We, from SML, feel honored to have your name on our Music Center, as we promised you.

Homesick, we are eternally grateful!

Solar Meninos de Luz
President and Directors