Our History

The social work in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo underprivileged community began parallel to the creation of Lar Paulo de Tarso (Paulo de Tarso Home), in order to give it philosophical, administrative, financial and volunteer support.

Our History

Brief introductory summary


Solar Meninos de Luz has completed 34 years on 12/29/2017 and on 12/29/2018 will complete 35 years of assistance services and support to families of the beloved communities of Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo, work started on 12/29/1983 and never interrupted. Widely developed, these first social actions are now organized in the Family / Community Program (new denomination of Realign Program).

On 08/18/2018 Solar will complete 27 years of integral education actions, which was organized by demand of those families who needed daycare to leave their children and thus allow the mother to work outside her home, which would improve the family income. It was founded on 08/18/1991 with the name Prevent Program, today named as Integral Education Program – which adds 400 students from Nursery to High School and forward them to universities and jobs, at 17/18 years, with a actual daily workload of 10 hours. At the same time, as a support to the students’ families, the Family Program, now called the Family / School Program, was also created.

The three programs: Integral Education Program, Family / School Program and Family / Community Program make up the entire Solar Meninos de Luz institution (formerly known as Meninos de Luz Project).

The changes of denomination came from Solar Meninos de Luz’s broadly developement characteristics year after year, in more than three decades, whitch actions were projected from the observations of the group director and the community demands. They have never ceased to perfect themselves in pursuit of the highest plans of education and social assistance in their mission of transforming lives for residents social inclusion, autonomy, biopsychosocial and spiritual welfare.

In order to give philosophical, administrative, financial and volunteer support to Solar Meninos de Luz actions, it was created on 03/05/1985 the Lar Paulo de Tarso – Spiritist Institution for Studies and Social Assistance, by the same founder of Solar Meninos de Luz, Iolanda Maltaroli, with the help of family members.

With the expansion of objectives and educational, cultural and assistance actions of Solar Meninos de Luz and the consequent increase in costs, Lar Paulo de Tarsus – which is self-sustaining – can no longer afford Solar’s expenses, which is why the institution is always in search of partners and donors.

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23 de dezembro

queda de uma caixa d’água que alimentava casas da comunidade; mortos, feridos, destruição na comunidade do Pavãozinho e Cantagalo.

24 de dezembro

chegada de Yolanda Maltarolli seus filhos à comunidade, levando mantimentos e roupas.



início dos trabalhos assistenciais nos finais de semana


Compra do barraco ( casa, nº51, no Pavãozinho) para a construção da Assistência Social do Lar Paulo de Tarso.


100 crianças e 40 mães freqüentam as atividades realizadas nos fins-de-semana.



Fundação do Lar Paulo de Tarso para a manutenção do trabalho Assistencial na comunidade

Fundação do Bazar (de objetos usados doados) no Lar Paulo de Tarso para ajudar a comunidade.


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