Solar Integral School

Solar Integral School

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Solar Integral School is the Solar Meninos de Luz Operating Unit and performs all actions of Integral Education Program: Children’s education; Elementary school I and II and High School.

From Nursery I to High School, we seek to progressive unit through educational and interactive processes among all segments of formal and supplementary education.

 Student remains in SOLAR INTEGRAL SCHOOL for 10 hours daily with holistic education, humanistic, multidisciplinary, which covers all areas of human expression: cognitive, emotional, ethical and moral, citizenship and physical health, structured on Eco- Political- Planning teaching, which makes communication between education, environment, health and citizenship.

 Solar motto is: “EDUCATE TO SET FREE!”.

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 Solar Integral School


Brief history

1025 years of Integral Education

In its history it received many denominations because their physical structure and organization was set up year to year, as the real estate achievements, building Operations, and financial resources from partnerships, events, donations, and volunteering; in countless struggles and challenges to date (2016) when school completes 25 years (within Solar Meninos de Luz, which began its activities on 28.12.1983, 33 years).

Education of Nursery I and Maternal started Meninos de Luz Nursery, founded on 18.08.1991, because of Community Program families assisted demand (now Family / Community Program). They were only 35 students that, as they grew, started new classes year by year, leaving vacancies in nurseries.

Students number in each room was gradually increasing from 15 to 25 per class. Reached the target for 2006: 400 students of Children’s Education to High School, when there was the first graduation of students ready for university entrance exams in universities.

 (See in “History” the historical challenges and achievements to the current educational setting)

Significant event occurred in 2000, with the beginning of the partnership with ASSESPA – Associação Educacional São Paulo Apóstolo (being Dr. Ronald Levingson its President) and which belonged to UniverCidade University, with its Cidade School.  ASSESPA kept Elementary School II and High School, also constructed ​​year by year, as we continued to receive students only in nursery. High School students who have graduated, from 2006 to 2013, among other universities, could choose UniverCidade University courses with full scholarships. In February of 2014 there was the end of that partnership, due to the termination of UniverCidade activities.

Solar then started to pay the same teachers and  Coordinator of Cidade School, but there was no harmony with the new teaching requirements of the institution and we had to fire them in 2014 in order to seek new placements in 2015, according to their ways of thinking education.

In February of 2015, there was a total educational restructuring with excellent teachers hiring, many with Masters and Doctorate, chosen by harmony with the type of holistic education, constructivist, existing at Solar from Childhood Education and Elementary Education I.

It was possible to realize the great dream: the unification of all teaching: Children’s Education to High School, which provided great educational progress.

Payment of part of the teachers was possible due to the partnership started in February of 2014 with  Estácio de Sá University, maintained until today (2016). There is still scholarships of 50% for its universities and several other benefits and services to Solar.

Struggles, pain and hope!

Payment and then firing costs of all teachers of Cidade School in 2014 and the hiring of 19 professionals in 2015 caused a major financial shortfall in the institution, which had to take a step back to take two forward: we were forced to close High School. The proposal made to parents and students was that, in 2016, have the 1st year of High School from the 9th grade of Elementary School II; in 2017, the 2nd year and in 2018 the 3rd year, thus restarting the entire segment. The process is ongoing and in 2016 we have the 1st year of High School in full operation.

Gratitude tribute to Dr. Ronald Levingson

“Dr. Ronald, beloved partner and friend. You allowed that, for 13 years, from 2000 to 2013, Elementary School II and High School worked on school. You gave in lending Saint Roman Street, house 142 – where it works Children’s Education, and scholarships to UniverCidade University. Without your generosity and defense to Solar, we would not have the opportunity to come here and a huge number of lives would not have been transformed! Thank you, Dr. Ronald! We never forget you.”

Solar Meninos de Luz
President and Directors